29th May 2023

Xiaomi quits Android One program and will not release Mi A4 smartphone with stock version of OS

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Apparently, Xiaomi has decided to withdraw from the Android One program. Thus, fans of “pure” Android will have to come to terms with the fact that Mi A series devices will no longer come with a stock version of the operating system.

The line of smartphones Xiaomi Mi A was popular mainly in the Western market, offering stock version of Android at aggressive prices usual for the company. But now the company has decided that it will no longer release smartphones as part of the Android One program. Thus, it can be assumed that the company will most likely refuse to release the Xiaomi Mi A4 model in the form that users could expect. At the same time, Xiaomi has no good reason to completely abandon this line, which has managed to gain popularity among users. Although she ran into some problems updating the software for these smartphones. As a rule, the release of new versions of firmware was delayed, although the Android One program assumed quick updates and extended support.

Interestingly, Motorola is also withdrawing from its Android One program. Its last few devices no longer use a pure version of Android, but offer some additional features. Thus, among the major manufacturers, only HMD continues to participate in the Android One program.

Source: gsmarena

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