29th January 2023

Xiaomi introduced a T-shirt with an ECG sensor

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Xiaomi has announced the Sports ECG T-Shirt under its Mijia sub-brand. Its main feature is a built-in heart rate sensor with the ability to record an electrocardiogram.

The sensor is located in the chest area. It will report the transition to different heart rate zones using vibration and an LED indicator. For correct operation, the module must always fit snugly against the skin. All data from it goes to the mobile application on the smartphone.

t shirt xiaomi

The T-shirt itself is made using COTECH fibers, which provide the ability to capture body microcurrents for more accurate heart rate and ECG readings. According to the manufacturer, this fabric has high elasticity, strength and durability.

Mijia Sports ECG T-Shirt will soon appear on the crowdfunding platform in China at a price of 249 yuan (≈2,700 rubles). Later it will be possible to wait for it on AliExpress.

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