29th January 2023

Why you need a regular Galaxy Note 20 and other Samsung models

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This week Samsung unveiled some cool new smartphones from the legendary Galaxy Note series. Someone did not like them. Some of our authors criticized them, but I was more loyal to them. Of course, you still need to use them and move beyond the first impression, but so far everything is going well. I have only one question that haunts me. I cannot understand why the company and the customers need a regular Galaxy Note 20. Of course, since it exists, then it makes sense, but let’s try to figure it out and, as they say, get to the bottom of it.

Both smartphones are good, but are they both needed?

How much is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The regular version of the Galaxy Note 20 costs 79,990 rubles, which by modern standards seems to be a small amount. At the same time, the Ultra version is already estimated by the company at 99,990 rubles, which seems more significant.

It’s pretty clear that Samsung has made differences in the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra to justify having two models. There is probably no other reason for this. Samsung could release one Galaxy Note 20 and everyone would be happy.

Why you need a regular Galaxy Note 20 and other Samsung models

I like these highlighted cameras more than when they are “under one glass”.

If you take a close look at the differences between the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, you might think of the Galaxy S20 or even the Galaxy S20 Plus if you find it at a discount. The latter looks like a very good option for about the same money. It will even get a display with the same diagonal, but twice the refresh rate.

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Comparing the Galaxy Note 20 to the Galaxy S20 released earlier this year, it’s hard to justify the model’s existence solely for technical advantages. A big influence here will just be given to the simple need to release something on schedule and the need to release a smartphone that will be cheaper than the Ultra version.

Why you need a regular Galaxy Note 20 and other Samsung models

The release of only one Galaxy Note model would not raise any questions.

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Smartphone with glass body

I do not find fault with polycarbonate in the materials of the case, although this is strange for a flagship. All the same, I drown more for the glass, which is in the Galaxy S20 +. It turns out that a better display, higher resolution, better body materials and all this for the same money in a device from the same manufacturer. That is, you won’t even need to change your habits by switching to a smartphone of another brand.

Note supporters will say the Galaxy S20 + doesn’t have an S Pen. It’s true. But the Galaxy Note 10+ has one. It also has most of the same features plus a glass back for a much lower price. Let it be already a year old, but the price for it has already fallen so much that such a purchase may be justified. In a couple of years, you will lose many times less on it than on the Galaxy Note 20. Of course, it will not have 5G, but do you really need it right now?

Why you need a regular Galaxy Note 20 and other Samsung models

If there are so many beautiful cases, why not make a glass case?

Samsung received a lot of criticism years ago for using plastic in its smartphones. A phone like this seems cheap. This is normal when we are talking about a device from the Galaxy A series or something else relatively inexpensive, but in the flagship of the flagships, the use of plastic looks like a very strange decision.

I understand perfectly well that when you drop a plastic phone, it will not break. At least its back wall. It is more difficult with glass, but, firstly, modern glasses are very durable, and secondly, you can use covers.

Yes, it doesn’t bomb me, or why is the Galaxy Note 20 so garbage

How much should the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 cost

Based on the awareness of the presence of a plastic wall, we can conclude that the usual Galaxy Note 20 should have cost a maximum of 64,990 rubles or even 59,990 rubles. For this money you can talk about something, but for 79,990 it is no good. And also the fact that it has a screen with a frequency of only 60 Hz. Roughly the same (and in some ways even better), but without 5G you can buy almost half the price in the face of the Galaxy Note 10+. Now it’s clear why Samsung decided to discontinue production of last year’s model.

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Why you need a regular Galaxy Note 20 and other Samsung models

There are no special complaints about the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, but it does not need a “partner”.

Now it can be called a shot in the foot. If Samsung hadn’t moved away from plastic since the Galaxy S6 and launched some absolutely stunning phones in the years to come, we probably wouldn’t have been picking on. But the company itself has raised the bar so high that now we expect only the best from it, as it was in previous years.

Advertising on Samsung phones

How can you not remember the advertising that Samsung shows in its smartphones. When I buy a Chinese phone with a top-end processor for 20,000 rubles, I can still understand why this is happening, but why do this even in the Galaxy S20 Ultra for 129,990 rubles, I don’t understand.

It looks rather absurd against the background of the fact that even Google does not allow itself this in the Pixel, although it is a hell of an advertising company and this is what makes billions of dollars a year. I know there are ways to turn off ads, but as a simple user, I shouldn’t worry about that, and I shouldn’t figure out how to do it. For that kind of money, they should give me a soft sofa and delicious coffee, not a folding chair and a coffee maker.

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Samsung phone models

And I also have questions about the company’s lineup, in which it seems that it is already beginning to get confused. There are Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 +, Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Leaving aside the amount of memory, the difference between them is only in the screens, the camera and the presence or absence of the S Pen. Moreover, more expensive is not always better.

Why you need a regular Galaxy Note 20 and other Samsung models

It’s always a pleasure to touch a good glass case. It is a pity that he is not everywhere.

Samsung could easily have given us two Galaxy S20s and one Galaxy Note 20 without overlap or interfering with each other’s sales. Take the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, for example. They are literally the same. In addition to the design, the only difference is that the former has a larger battery, and the latter instead accommodates the S Pen stylus.

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According to various reports, the company previously sold about 100 million Galaxy S devices a year and slightly less Galaxy Note series. Now sales are lower. This happened for a number of reasons: more expensive smartphones, much more smartphone options, and the like. But by far the biggest reason is the oversaturation of the smartphone market. Mostly from Samsung itself and within its lineup. Although, now everyone is guilty of this, including Apple and Huawei. About Xiaomi, I generally keep quiet.

Why Samsung shouldn’t settle for more dependence on Google

Only two of Samsung’s flagship lines have five smartphones this year. And these are not versions of memory, but five really different models. Let’s not even talk about the more affordable segment in which Samsung actually makes money. On top of that, there are now more competitive smartphones on the market from OnePlus, Apple, Google and others. This also takes away market share from Samsung.

Why you need a regular Galaxy Note 20 and other Samsung models

This smartphone has too many competitors to relax.

If Samsung really just drove in the wrong direction and listens to customers, next year it should release only two smartphones in the Galaxy S series and two in the Galaxy Note series (cheap small and expensive big). At the same time, they should be different and clearly answer the person’s question, what he will get for his money.

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A smaller Galaxy Note would be a great option for those who want a smaller phone but still want an S Pen and flagship specs. Who needs the ultimate performance needs a big, expensive Note. Let him out too and everything will become clear. Samsung’s smartphones are very cool, but you have to be somehow closer to the people. The choice is good, but it should not be misleading.

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