29th January 2023

Why would I choose Android for games over iOS

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High-quality game optimization is not about Android. Unlike iOS, where hardware combinations of all current iPhones are taken into account at the stage of creating a game, there are so many smartphones on Android that studios have to develop their games for spherical smartphones in a vacuum. Therefore, many devices based on the OS from Google, even with 8-12 GB of RAM and the most powerful processors, barely manage to pull those titles that the iPhone freely juggles with even with 2 GB of RAM and a five-year-old chip. But, if anything, for games I will still choose Android, not iOS.

The future of mobile gaming is in the cloud

The best free games for any phone

I beg your pardon for my graphomania, but I will come from afar. How many top Android games do you know? Of course, everyone may have a different concept of top-notch, but if we objectively choose games that we can play for more than one evening, but really enjoy them for weeks or even months, then there won’t be so many of them. Pokemon Go, Hearthstone, Fortnite, PUBG and probably World of Tanks. It is possible that some of your positions will differ from mine, but the backbone will probably be the same.

Cloud gaming services for Android

Why would I choose Android for games over iOS

Apple has gotten to the point where it has become corny to prohibit gaming services

This I mean that almost all the cool games can be counted on one hand. And if you want something more, then the only way to get it is to turn to streaming platforms. Fortunately, there are quite a few of them today: xCloud from Microsoft, Stadia from Google, GeForce Now from Nvidia, Vortex from RemoteMyApp. And each of them has an assortment of tens and hundreds of popular games. But their advantage lies not in the quantity, but in the quality of the content offered. After all, only thanks to cloud services you can play console-level games on your smartphone.

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Google Allows Android Games to Run Before Full Load

But what does Android have to do with it if cloud services work in the cloud? And despite the fact that Apple prohibits their work on their devices. Rather, the ban does not apply to the services themselves, but to their presence in the App Store. Cupertino says it cannot admit services to the catalog that allow games to be played that Apple’s censors cannot verify. It supposedly creates a danger for users, puts their privacy at risk and all that. And, in my opinion, the company was simply scared that the emergence of cloud services would simply kill Apple Arcade, which no one is already playing.

Why there are no game services on iOS

The App Store was designed to be a safe and secure place from where users can download apps and developers can promote them without fear. Before the software appears in our store, it is thoroughly tested for compliance with the rules that we have established to protect our customers and provide developers with a fair and level playing field. Our customers love apps and games from millions of developers, but game services appear in the App Store only if they comply with the established rules, explained at Apple.

Why would I choose Android for games over iOS

Cloud gaming is an exceptional Android advantage today that I really appreciate

Perhaps iOS games are better optimized and use the resources of the iPhone and iPad more efficiently, because they were originally designed with their technical features in mind. But, if we are talking about real games, then it becomes clear that you can go for them either on the console, for which not everyone has the opportunity, or on Android. Because cloud gaming is essentially a mix of traditional and console gaming. After all, if you do not know that you are managing an online stream, you will never guess that the game is not being launched on your smartphone. Just a stable internet connection is enough and that’s it.

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Games from Google Play will become lighter, load faster and update in the background

Yes, today access to many gaming services is quite expensive, and in Russia they are either not available at all, or available, but in a limited mode. But there are many ways to get around these restrictions. One of them is VPN and region change. I agree, this is not very convenient. But if Android still retains the chance of geographically expanding the presence of game services, then on iOS there is none at all, because there are no such services on iOS at all. So think about what to choose for games – iPhone or Android.

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