2nd April 2023

What annoys me the most about Samsung models

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I’ve said many times that I’m not a fan of Samsung, but I still think it makes cool phones. They are just not very suitable for me. Literally everything is good in them: design, performance, camera … Even for the shell, I have not accumulated as many questions as for one simple thing concerning new Samsung models. First of all, this concerns flagships and clamshells, but there is a feeling that the same problem is about to descend on more affordable models. However, the company still has a chance to change its mind and stop doing so.

When it comes to titles, it’s hard to hold back and not show off. Yes, Samsung?

What are Samsung foldable phones called

Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Fold 4, Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Z Flip 2, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Flip 4 and so on … Try to pronounce these names quickly and tell me if you can do it with ease and literally on the exhale? Now try to pronounce three or four of these names in a row. If on the second one your tongue does not twist into a knot, repeat a couple of times “the ships maneuvered-maneuvered, but did not catch” and go get a job as an announcer – you have a great future.

Why Samsung shouldn’t settle for more dependence on Google

It’s much easier to use names like Galaxy S1, Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 4, and so on. They are also not the shortest, but at least they are easy to pronounce in any language. Otherwise, it turns out something like “VAZ-21103”, instead of just “ten”. By the way, even Avtovaz has already switched to simpler and more biting names, like “Priora”, “Vesta” and “X-Ray”, while Samsung, on the contrary, is burying itself more and more in a heap of unnecessary symbols. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 – 19 characters … It’s already a nightmare, and you still need to not confuse “Flip” and “Fold”!

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Increasingly, while writing articles, I wonder who at Samsung came up with such strange names and who needs it. It feels like they have an old copywriter as a marketer who has been paid for character counts all their lives.

What annoys me the most about Samsung models

Sometimes phone model names remind me of the name of this hill in New Zealand.

Meanwhile, the release of the novelty is getting closer and it’s time to prepare for its discussion, and such a name, even on the keyboard, will not be typed the first time. Of course, users will not often list the names of generations in everyday life, but you know what I’m getting at.

Samsung Galaxy Fold history

When the Galaxy Fold launched last year, we assumed that Samsung would just start adding a number at the end for every new foldable phone. We’ll get Galaxy Fold 2, Galaxy Fold 3, Galaxy Fold 4, and so on. Then the Galaxy Z Flip came along, and Samsung decided to put all of its folds under the letter “Z,” not forgetting the Galaxy.

Looks like Samsung knows how to make its Exynos processors less flawed

Let’s assume that the company will keep making foldable smartphones. Moreover, it is not difficult to do this, because, apparently, she took it seriously. As a result, next year we will get Galaxy Z Flip 2 and Galaxy Z Fold 3. That is, these are not just two long names that differ only in the words “Flip” and “Fold”, but they will also have different numbers, because generations shifted.

Galaxy S and Galaxy Note are two easy to pronounce and pretty cool names. You can even close your eyes to the first generation of “clamshell” Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold without numbers – they also sound even more or less normal, but there is still something to complain about. The real problems begin when we talk about the next generations with a serial number.

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What annoys me the most about Samsung models

Clear and understandable model name.

Samsung’s idea for choosing the letter Z for its foldable series was that it intuitively conveys the idea of ​​a fold. In addition, “Z”, like “X”, is something stylish, secretive, youthful, daring and just cool. But this is not the case when plus for plus gives plus.

How to name phones correctly

Of course, I am not a marketer, although at the institute in this discipline I have always had excellent grades, and I do not have the statistics that Samsung has. That is why I cannot offer an option that will definitely be better. I can only assume that the company shouldn’t have complicated things. The Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip already sound pretty stylish. Maybe this should have been stopped? Maybe it was necessary not to complicate the name of the Fold-series, but to simplify the name of the Flip-series? So many questions and so few answers …

Smartphone at half price, or what’s the catch with Samsung Upgrade

What do you think about this? Don’t you think Samsung is starting to flirt a little with names, as Apple did when it released the iPhone 11 Pro Max? Share your opinion in our Telegram chat.

Why call your phone “Ultra”?

I have a couple of questions about the rest of Samsung’s naming. For example, I have no questions about the Plus-version in the line, but why do we need Ultra? There is a feeling that only to justify the price of almost one and a half thousand dollars. The Galaxy Note 20 will apparently have the same version, but its price will be about the same.

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Those who are fond of Formula 1 racing will remember the absurd situation when there were three main types of rubber: Hard (hard), Medium (medium) and Soft (soft). Everyone quickly got used to the presence of Super Soft, and then the formulations became so tough that Ultra Soft appeared, and then Hiper Soft. As a result, no one used the hardest Hard, and the audience was confused about the varieties of “software”.

What annoys me the most about Samsung models

It was all so difficult once. Now everything has been simplified to three compositions. They still remained with the manufacturer, but for the viewer it is normal, softer and harder. Maybe it’s the same with phones?

I predict approximately the same picture here. In a couple of years (or maybe even earlier) Samsung will come up with something even cooler. By then, an army of fans will have come to terms with the fact that $ 1.5K is okay. As a result, it will be necessary to surprise with something else, and the evolution of superlatives (Plus and Ultra) will be continued by those same Hiper, Extra, Ultima and so on.

Named the most likely price of Samsung Galaxy Note 20

I don’t know about you, but I am more for the classic name. Choose two words for yourself for the cheap and expensive version (let the middle one remain normal without any subscripts) and stamp the models under them. Users will know from year to year that the Plus is the best model. This will benefit both the manufacturer and the users, who will not be confused. Otherwise, it turns out some kind of tinsel, like a gold Chrysler Sebring.

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