1st April 2023

We didn’t expect it … Google may release foldable Pixel

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When a new technology appears, competitors of the manufacturer who invented it are automatically divided into two camps. Some ignore this technology, while others, on the contrary, rush to copy it. When it comes to foldable phone technology, only Apple and Google have not expressed a clear interest in it. The former always go their own way, but the latter seem to have views on clamshells. In their position, one has to grab onto literally everything, and according to the latest information they seem to have begun to do this. If everything goes the way we are presented, then we will have an interesting device, and the company will get additional sales. Moreover, she has enough money to work for the image, and not for extracting momentary benefits from the sale of a particular smartphone.

Very interesting what the foldable Pixel will be, but most likely not.

Google Pixel foldable phone

The information that a foldable smartphone from Google awaits us in the near future is not someone’s invention or some incomprehensible leak from an “authoritative” analyst. The conclusion that a clamshell with the letter “G” on the back will still appear is contained in a document that was leaked to our colleagues from Western publications. In addition to the appearance of a new foldable smartphone, the document contains information that allows us to understand that we will also see the Google Pixel 5a and Google Pixel 6.

The leaked document essentially lists information from iOS Android that provides insight into what to expect. After all, even the model’s code names are enough to determine the prospects for something on the market.

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Google unveils Pixel 4a. The most unique and cheapest Pixel ever

In addition to mentioning earlier Pixel versions, the document also mentions codenamed devices. For example, “barbette”, which is the Google Pixel 5a. This suggests that the company does not plan to abandon the “state employee” and will continue to release the series. The document also mentions three other devices, the code names of which are translated into Russian as “raven”, “oriole” and “passport”.

It is noted that the code names may differ from those that will be used further, but this information is already enough to find out everything we wanted.

We didn't expect it ... Google may release foldable Pixel

The main thing is that Google doesn’t do this?

The first two will most likely be versions of the Google Pixel 6. There are no details yet, since even the Google Pixel 5 has not yet been released, and we will see the “six” only next fall. But a lot of interesting things can be assumed about the model with the code name “passport”.

It is clearly difficult to give such a name to anything other than a book that will be opened like a classic passport known all over the world. So the company can hint that it is saying something as important as a passport and a foldout like this little book.

How the camera of the new Google Pixel 4a shoots

In any case, such a device will appear not this year, but at best next year, but the company’s intention to do so is of interest. Considering that it is Google who can tweak the operating system as it pleases, it should definitely do everything well. The main thing is that all this does not turn out to be a failure, as some models of the flagship Google Pixel.

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So it looks like next year we can expect from Google not only the phones of the Pixel 5a and 6 series, but also its very first foldable smartphone. Of course, things may change in the future, but for now this is what this document is hinting at. Given that a potential release is still a long way off, the company could change its mind about doing so for a number of reasons. She may face technical difficulties, become disillusioned with the concept, register a drop in demand for such models, or simply realize that the novelty will turn out to be too expensive. All these are reasons for canceling work and changing the plans of the company, but so far the information from the document gives us undisguised hope.

We didn't expect it ... Google may release foldable Pixel

They did not have time to get used to the new products, as they still urge us on.

The company itself does not comment on this, although journalists approached it for comment. The answer from her representative was simple and straightforward. He said he did not comment on rumors and speculation.

Perhaps some of you will remember that in the past year there was already leaked information that Google is developing a foldable Pixel. Then CNET shared it. Pixel head Mario Queiros said at the time that the company was only “prototyping”.

I don’t like the Google Pixel 5 in advance because of nonsense

He also noted that the company has been doing this for a long time, but it does not yet have a clear use case for the developments obtained as a result of the research. It was a very long time ago and one must understand that since then everything could have changed, because in the world of high technologies everything changes in just a few weeks and even days. What can we say about the whole year? This is enough time to move from abstract plans and prototypes to concrete developments. Would buy a Google Pixel Fold (or whatever it will be called)

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It only remains to add that the document also contains information that the Google Pixel 4a 5G and Google Pixel 5 will arrive in October. Google has already said that by chance (or not) “burned” the date of the presentation of the new flagship smartphone – October 8.

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