29th January 2023

Vitaliy Klitschko calling the Bolt company to arrange an unauthorized rental of electric scooters. Bolt відповів

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Vchora Bolt company has provided services for electric scooter rental near the capital. And also the current measures of Kiev, Vitaliy Klitschko, calling to the Bolt company to arrange an unauthorized service for the electric scooter rental.

“The company Bolt without the weather has moved to the point of renting electric scooters near the capital. The type of “transport” is not regulated by the meritorious legislation of Ukraine. Tommy cannot allow the company to press such a kind of service, “- occasionally Vitaliy Klitschko.

Vin meaning that, before the KMDA, they wanted to propose to hold an investment competition for the distribution of items for the rental of electric scooters based on the principle of bicycle rental. The first competition, for the words of the mayor of the capital, will be held, or if some changes are introduced before the legislation of Ukraine about the road ruch.

“To that end, I call on the Bolt company to arrange unauthorized rental of the rental office and the regulation of civil legislation. In addition, the misconceptions will be indignant to pick up the points of the electric scooters on their own. With the help of a civilized process in a place and a service in a legal way є robot points to bike rental, as well as two rockets successfully procuring in the capital and expanding the border, “- bald Vitaly Klitschko.

Bolt service in the offensive rank:

Shanovniy pane at least Kiev to Vitaliy Klitschko!

On 7 September 2020, Roku mi, the international company Bolt, launched a service in Kiev for the rental of electric scooters, based on the motivation of Kiev and guests of the capital, Vikoristovuti, an innovative and ecologically safe personal transport infrastructure.

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Sales, rental and carriage of electric scooters and other types of personal light electric transport (hydro scooters, mono-wheels only) are not legally protected by the type of activity in Ukraine (according to the statutory 42 of the Constitutional Code of Ukraine and ). Until then, the right of a koristuvach keruvati with an electric scooter is guaranteed by Article 19 of the Constitution of Ukraine, yak transfer, but for the community there is the principle “everything that is not directly fenced in by law is permitted.”

For the current year, the rules are safe for personal light electric transport, not fixed to the legislative level in Ukraine. Experts from Bolt have provided and will continue to feed the public areas to accelerate the legislative process. Inspired by international approval and expertise, we also catalyzed the distribution of decal options for legislative documents for the regulation of the situation. We, the Bolt team, adhering to the principles of good leadership, have banned the coverage of communication through their mobile supplement for the safe operation of an electric scooter: it’s unwise to speed up the service without going through the safety instrumentation. It takes an hour to travel on an electric scooter for life, for the health of the person and the third part of the insurance company UNIQA.

In the basis of the ideology of the service for the rental of electric scooters, the principle of micro-mobility. Bicycles for rent are not provided with stationary centralized parking, but are based on the principle of social fences. For the help of a mobile add-on, a customer should know a scooter, which has overflowed the hand for a new mission in front of a customer. The right of the koristuvach (bagkantsya chi guest of the city of Kiev) to leave the electric scooter at the singing mice of the Koreasponduy right as a member of the community of the city of Kiev koristuvatisya communal (spilny) urban space. Such a system does not require additional equipment for small architectural forms, but for special equipment of stationary park centers.

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It’s sickening on vishchevikladen, mischief vlada for this year’s not going to be vimagati in business, be it any kind of weather or permissiveness, some of the stench isn’t transferred by law. According to the legislation of Ukraine, there is a principle of fence for state authorities and self-discipline in order to discard documents of a specific character, as they are not transferred by law (Article 1 of the Law of Ukraine “On the transfer of documents in a proportional nature.” Dіyalnіst kompanії Bolt іz nadannya mozhlivostі koristuvannya elektrosamokatami zdіysnyuєtsya on pіdstavі State reєstratsії kompanії in Ukraїnі imported elektrosamokatіv Zi Splat vsіh zborіv, podatkіv, mit i neobhіdnih platezhіv and takozh away Splat peredbachenih zakonodavstvom podatkіv іz vіdpovіdnoї dіyalnostі in Ukraїnі.

We are led to the dialogue and constructive spіvpratsі. We sing, so pragmatically realize your dream – zrobiti Kiev with a healthy, baked and green place!

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