2nd April 2023

user experience as a “sacred cow”. IT Market

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The Drum in its material “Customer experience is key to B2B digital transformation” focuses on the digital transformation of B2B businesses. It is noted that if B2C enterprises working with citizens have long mastered all kinds of digital approaches to users, and often have a high degree of Digital IQ, then B2B businesses are sometimes not so active in this matter, being conservative. Manufacturing enterprises, wholesalers, distributors, companies providing B2B services – they often “feel so good”, and they have little desire to invest money, time and other resources in digital transformation.

At the same time, B2B companies are still changing, drifting towards big and small numbers.

It is noted that sometimes companies migrate from B2C to B2B, bringing digital experiences with them. For example, Alibaba, with its digital marketplace for wholesale product offerings for companies, or Airbnb, with its pro business. Thus, the B2B division of Amazon reached an annual revenue of about $ 31 billion.

The Drum emphasizes that B2B companies looking to transform need to prioritize user experience while redefining their sales channels and approach to finding customers. It is noted that at present such traditional characteristics of goods and services as price are becoming less important, and user experience, on the contrary, is gaining weight as a leading factor.

An example of a digital B2B company is Kabbage, which provides online loans for business, and the decision is made within a few minutes, and everything happens 100% online. This is a great contrast to the experience of interacting with traditional banks, where personal visits are required and waiting for a decision for at least a few days.

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By the way, more and more B2B companies are using the business model of paying for their subscription services. Thus, Café Royal Pro offers its professional coffee machines by subscription, after which the one who signed up and took such a machine can install it in any convenient place and sell coffee on his own behalf. However, this scheme is very similar to the lease of coffee machines, so there is nothing fundamentally new in it, except for a convenient digital process for filing applications and working with the equipment lessor. Café Royal Pro also provides coffee capsules and coffee machine repairs.

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