1st April 2023

Ukrautoprom: In July, the demand for electric vehicles in Ukraine fell – only 799 units were sold, used Nissan and Tesla are in the lead

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Despite the overall rise in July demand for cars, electric vehicle registrations declined last month. During July, the Ukrainians cleared and registered 799 vehicles operating exclusively on electric traction. This is 6% less than a year earlier and 3% less than the June result, according to Ukravtoprom.

Apparently, the negative dynamics was provoked by confusion in legislation, which was caused by a change in the system of codification of goods. Recall that on June 4, 2020, the Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft Law on the Customs Tariff, which changed the codification of vehicles equipped exclusively with electric motors from July 1.

At the same time, the people’s deputies forgot to make the appropriate changes to the Tax Code, which jeopardized the possibility of further use of the VAT exemption benefit. After some time, the State Customs Service and the Tax Service explained in their letters that since the introduction of the new edition of the Customs Tariff, the benefits for the import of electric vehicles continue to operate in full.

As a result, 766 passenger cars and 33 commercial electric vehicles were registered in July. The share of imported second-hand goods in the part of passenger cars was 92%, and in the part of commercial ones – 100%.

The most popular electric car on the Ukrainian market is Nissan Leaf – over the past month, the country’s fleet has been replenished with 234 vehicles of this model. Tesla Model 3 is in second place, it was chosen by 115 motorists. Tesla Model S (98 units), Tesla Model X (45 units) and Fiat 500е (38 units) were also among the five most sought-after zero-emission vehicles.

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Since the beginning of the year, 4,315 units of motor vehicles operating exclusively on electric traction have been registered in Ukraine: 4,112 passenger cars, 202 commercial vehicles and one electric bus.

Source: Ukravtoprom

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