2nd April 2023

TP-Link unveils modern solutions for creating a reliable home Wi-Fi 6 network

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The world’s leading provider of networking and Wi-Fi solutions – TP-Link – has officially unveiled new devices for creating a reliable and high-performance home Wi-Fi 6 network. In total, four new items were presented: a dual-band router of the starting category TP-Link Archer AX20, a powerful gaming router Archer AX11000, home Mesh Wi-Fi systems Deco X20 and X60.

Powered by a Broadcom quad-core processor, the Archer AX20 transmits network requests with minimal latency and responds instantly to every click. Support for 1024-QAM provides 40% faster maximum speed in the 5GHz band compared to Wi-Fi 5.

Archer AX11000 is a powerful device with a wide coverage area and Wi-Fi speed up to 10756 Mbps. Game Accelerator detects and optimizes game data streams without distracting from the gameplay and maintaining high network speeds. Deco X20 and X60 are home mesh Wi-Fi systems designed to eliminate weak signal areas and provide uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage in any room in a residential building or large apartment.

And the other day Samsung has officially presented a new “monster of autonomy”.

Source: TP-Link

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