2nd April 2023

Top Russian electronics retailer to launch its own TVs

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The Vedomosti edition, with reference to Valery Andreev, a representative of the M.video-Eldorado group, reported that the largest Russian company selling household appliances and electronics will start producing its own TV sets. The novelties will be offered under the Novex brand.

In fact, this brand has already been on store shelves. In 2006, TVs, audio and video equipment, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, hair dryers and other Novex household appliances first appeared in the chain stores. So, in essence, we are talking about the revival of a once forgotten experiment. The first time TVs and other Novex products disappeared from M.video shelves just two years after launch, in 2008.

According to the representative of M.video-Eldorado, this time its own brand will launch an attack on the wallets of Russians with branded TVs with a display diagonal of 24 to 65 inches. Including the line will include smart models and TVs with ultra-high definition pictures. Later, under the Novex brand, the production of kitchen appliances will be launched.

Meanwhile, Hisense presented several TV models in Russia at once, including Toshiba.

Source: Vedomosti

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