29th May 2023

“This is going to be a big mistake” – ARM co-founder on potential NVIDIA deal

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Commenting on reports of ARM’s sale to graphics chip maker NVIDIA in a recent BBC interview, UK-based processor architect Herman Hauser expressed disapproval of the potential takeover. He believes that nothing good will come of such a union.

“One of the fundamental principles of ARM’s business model is that it can sell [лицензировать разработки] to each. Softbank’s only advantage is that it does not manufacture microcircuits, and therefore maintained ARM neutrality. If ARM becomes part of NVIDIA, most of the licensees who are competitors to NVIDIA will, of course, have to look for an alternative to ARM. “

Hermann Hauser, co-founder of ARM

As you know, ARM developments are licensed by Intel, NVIDIA, Apple, Qualcomm, TSMC, Samsung and many other companies.

According to the ARM co-founder, the current hype and interest in the ARM business is a great opportunity for the British government to bring the Cambridge-based company back home and make it public. That is, to buy back from Softbank and place shares on the stock exchange.

Recent reports indicate that if the ARM sale does take place, it will not be NVIDIA, but a consortium of several companies.

Source: Tom’s Hardware and BBC

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