2nd April 2023

Thing of the day: Flipper Zero – “Tamagotchi for hackers”

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Russian developers from the community of geeks and techno-enthusiasts Neuron Hackspace presented a portable gadget called Flipper Zero on Kickstarter. It is marketed as a “Tamagotchi for hackers”. In just one day, the authors of the project managed to raise more than $ 700,000 instead of the required $ 60,000.

In the meantime, there is no need to know about it. ”

Flipper Zero looks like a cross between a remote control and a Tamagotchi. It can be used for a variety of operations: for flashing, debugging and testing equipment, cloning contactless cards, authorizing in various services (as a U2F key), as well as controlling intercoms, TVs, barriers, garage doors, air conditioners and other electronic devices.

Flipper Zero equipped with:

IR transmitter for device control; radio module CC1101 for 433/868 MHz for connection to access control systems and Internet of Things devices; a radio signal analyzer; RFID system for reading and programming tags; GPIO interface for connecting to Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other equipment; USB-C port for emulating USB devices, charging and updating firmware; NFC chip and Bluetooth module for connecting to a smartphone; 1.4-inch monochrome screen with a resolution of 128 × 64 pixels and backlight.

The gadget is controlled using a five-position mechanical button, and is powered by a built-in 2000 mAh battery. Without recharging, it can work up to 7 days.

Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero is open source, allowing users to program their own scripts or upload someone else’s. Well, and tamogochi it is also named for a reason – a virtual “cyber dolphin” lives inside, which grows when interacting with other digital devices.

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Flipper Zero

Flipper Zero can now be ordered for 119 dollars (≈8 800 rubles), although at the start it cost 99 (≈7 300 rubles). Discounts apply when purchasing multiple devices.

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