29th January 2023

The number of monobank clients has exceeded 2.5 million – three new clients are added every minute

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The number of monobank clients has exceeded 2.5 million - three new clients are added every minute

The popular payment application monobank over the weekend passed an important milestone – the number of customers of the Fintech Band card product and Universal Bank exceeded 2.5 million people. Boasting a new achievement, co-founder of the monobank project Oleg Gorokhovsky added that every minute 3 new clients join the project.

The monobank payment application was launched in November 2017. On May 25, 2019, the project passed the milestone of 1 million clients. By November 2019, more than 1.5 million people had already used the monobank application, and in March 2020, before the launch of the children’s card, the number of monobank customers exceeded 2 million. That is, another 0.5 million new customers were added in less than five months, which corresponds to the previous growth rates – 100 thousand new users every month.

On the occasion of this event, co-founder of the project Mikhail Rogalsky published a video on his YouTube channel in which he listed the main milestones of the project, achievements and failures.

The video also contains some interesting statistics:

During the existence of the project (less than three years), monobank cards have been replenished by a total of UAH 244 billion. Since the launch of the Bank’s branded moneybox service, more than 500 thousand people have used them. The total amount paid to monobank clients since the launch of the project has already exceeded 1.1 UAH billion Monobank users donated UAH 14 million to charity. More than 900 people currently work in the monobank operational center. Participants of the referral program received UAH 100 million. In just a week after the launch of the possibility of registering accounts for entrepreneurial activity, 25 thousand clients opened corresponding accounts in monobank …

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The monobank project crossed the threshold of 2.5 million clients against the backdrop of two major scandals: in early June, a woman from Kiev, who became a victim of pickpockets, said that attackers entered the monobank application from her iPhone and removed UAH 72,000, and literally a week we were telling the story of another the user – despite the blocking of the stolen card and the re-issue of a new card, money continued to be debited from the account.

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