29th January 2023

The market of broadband access services went up

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Ekaterina Alexandrova

According to the report of IAA TelecomDaily, the number of fixed Internet access (broadband) subscribers in the Russian Federation in the second quarter. 2020 increased by 290 thousand and reached 33.79 million subscribers, service penetration remained at the level of 60%.

The increase in the number of new contracts in the 1st quarter. 2020 relative to the end of 2019 amounted to 0.5%, in the II quarter. relative to the first – 0.9%. At the same time, 4 out of 5 providers in the top five showed an increase in the number of new contracts above the market average.

The first five broadband providers in descending order of the number of users: Rostelecom, ER-Telecom, MTS, Vimpelcom and TTK. They accounted for 71% of all Russian users.

The growing interest of users in wired Internet access services against the background of the introduction of the self-isolation regime in the regions of the Russian Federation since the end of March has led to the fact that almost all major players showed an increase in their subscriber base.

Rostelecom (+117 thousand) and MTS (+100 thousand) had the most new connections in the quarter, Beeline connected 50 thousand new users, TTK – 3 thousand.

However, operators find it difficult to provide a qualitative, rather than quantitative increase in revenue from broadband services, the study notes. ARPU (average check) from one contract was in II quarter. 368 rubles, which is 3 rubles. more than the first. At the same time, the ARPU growth is insignificant and occurred mainly due to the transfer of subscribers from archive tariff plans.

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Experts note that the broadband market will quickly return to its standard problems and small dynamics if the authorities do not reintroduce the self-isolation regime.

“Large cities are almost completely provided with broadband access services. The process of subscribers’ migration from operator to operator is underway, but in the total volume of the base, migrating subscribers do not exceed a few percent. The growth potential is preserved only in the regions and due to the construction of additional infrastructure, ”the report of IAA TelecomDaily says.

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