29th May 2023

The growing popularity of digital services is noted in 96% of companies

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Olga Blinkova

A recent study by Econsultancy and Marketing Week in the UK found that the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically affected people’s preference and use of digital services. And the overwhelming majority of companies (96% of more than 1000 surveyed enterprises) believe that in an environment where digital services are increasingly in demand, it is time to respond to these changes with action, activating the process of digital business transformation.

Among large companies with a turnover of more than 50 million pounds per year, 63% said that they observe a powerful trend of citizens towards digitalization, people are massively mastering digital services. Another 33% noted that the trend is observed, but it is of medium intensity, it cannot be called “cardinal”.

At the same time, interestingly enough, older citizens of Great Britain also joined the process. If earlier the “babushkophone” was a kind of technological peak for elderly Britons, now, frightened by the coronavirus, they are also mastering digital services.

More than half of UK companies intend to increase their digital transformation investments, and another 29% of companies will keep the budget at the same level. Thus, only 16% of surveyed UK businesses plan to reduce digital transformation costs.

Interestingly, this strong determination and firm action has replaced a kind of “freeze” inherent in the spring months, when many companies have postponed their plans for digital transformation, awaiting the outcome of the pandemic.

Moving across the Atlantic and looking at the US market, one can see that the market for products and services for digital business transformation is expected to grow, according to CueReport, through 2025 at a rate of 22.1% per annum and will reach of this time period, the amount of $ 757.63 billion. At the same time, not all American companies are ready to “dive into the digital maelstrom”. Some are afraid of the risk of failure, some suffer from a lack of understanding of what and how to do, and some are not happy about the additional costs in a situation where money is already running out.

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