29th January 2023

The final beta of Android 11 is here. What an easter egg

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The release version of Android 11 is getting closer, but before anyone can install it, the next beta version must be released. So the other day the new Android 11 Beta 3 was released, which brought new features and the long-awaited Easter egg, which many have been waiting for and wondering what it will be. It turned out that nothing fundamentally new came out this time, and we were just shown a continuation of what was already in one of the previous versions of Android. There is nothing wrong with that, as the easter egg doesn’t have to be new. Her task is to be interesting and to attract the attention of users with her behind the scenes.

Almost all versions of Android have an Easter egg. It is also available in Android 11.

Easter egg Android 11

If you are running Android 7.0 Nougat, you may already be familiar with the Easter egg in Android 11. Because you will see much the same in the new version of the operating system. This is a Neko cat game. The only significant difference from Android 7 is that it launches in a slightly different way this time around. Therefore, in general, the whole Easter egg can be called new.

In general, the process is still not complicated and launching a hidden game will not take much time, you will do everything in just a couple of tens of seconds. The main thing is to understand what to do and you can do everything.

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How to find hidden Easter eggs in any version of Android and what they are

How to find a hidden game in Android 11

As in any other version of Android, the easter egg is launched from the smartphone settings.

The final beta of Android 11 is here. What an easter egg

In Android 11, Easter eggs run in the same way as in Android 10 and other versions of the operating system.

Go to settings and scroll down the menu to “About phone”. After that, tap the line several times in which it says Android 11. After that, the Easter egg itself will open.

A circle will appear in front of you, similar to a clock face. This is actually the dial, and you need to move it as if you were increasing the volume on the speaker control. Be prepared that nothing happens the first time. Do not despair, just drag it back a little, and then forward a couple more times. After that, the number “11” will appear on the screen and at the bottom of the screen you will see a tiny icon with a “neko” cat.

The final beta of Android 11 is here. What an easter egg

Twisted the slider and got access to the Easter egg. Further a matter of technology.

This is not all and there is still something to be done. Once you see the icon, press and hold the Power button to open the home controls and other options.

If you have any smart home devices like smart speakers, light bulbs, and other things, you should see them below. Click the three-dot button for controls, then click Add Controls. Cat controls will not show up as an option unless you click on other apps. So select them and then click to add cat controls that will appear later.

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Is there a hidden Easter egg on Google Play?

Now go back to the main screen of the power menu. From here select the cat controls. You will find a bowl of food, a water bottle, and a toy. All of this can be included. Now you need to fill your food and water bowls and then play with the toy once or twice to attract the cat. At this moment, it remains only to wait.

If you leave your phone alone for a while after you’ve got everything set up, the cat should appear.

If you don’t have home controls as an option on the power menu screen, the cat controls should already be there as the only option. In that case, just select them and enable the controls mentioned above.

The final beta of Android 11 is here. What an easter egg

Remember what Easter egg is in Android 10?

Once you get the cat to come to you, you realize that this looks more like a collection of cats than anything else, but it’s cool anyway. Each cat is simply called a “cat” with an arbitrary number after this word. You will have the option to rename it however you want, giving it the name you like best.

Why you shouldn’t customize Android

Why do you need Easter eggs in Android

You can also share screenshots of cats that you were able to lure with your friends. Maybe this is pampering, but the presence of such “goodies” makes the operating system much closer to ordinary people and gives pleasure to those who want to find something hidden from view.

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On the other hand, modern Easter eggs, whether they are hidden in a smartphone or even in a Tesla car, are still not something secret anymore. Not only are they, as a rule, launched in a fairly standard way, but everyone also knows about them. The game search recipe can even be easily found on the Internet or social networks, for example, in our Telegram chat.

Despite this, I still think the presence of Easter eggs is something really necessary. Remember, how many functions are of as much interest before the release of a new version of the operating system as an embedded game? Yes, there are really interesting and important functions, but if you take small improvements that not even everyone notices, then the game will be much more interesting and long-awaited.

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