29th May 2023

Thanks to frequencies in the 900 MHz range, Kyivstar has increased its 4G coverage in 6 regions of Ukraine

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During the period from July to early August 2020, the mobile operator Kyivstar connected 741 settlements in the Volyn, Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne and Ternopil regions to 4G communication. Basically, these are remote villages where 20 to several thousand people live. It became possible to connect these settlements to 4G communication thanks to the use of radio frequencies of the 900 MHz range.

In July 2020, mobile operators in Ukraine began to exchange radio frequencies (refarming) in the 900 MHz range. This was preceded by almost 2 years of work of mobile operators, telecom regulator and government agencies.

Kyivstar says that the use of 900 MHz frequencies will accelerate the development of 4G networks throughout Ukraine. These frequencies provide a wider coverage radius for base stations, which makes it possible to provide high-speed mobile Internet even in the most remote settlements and on highways.

Today the 4G network from Kyivstar covers more than 12 thousand large and small settlements. The company plans to provide access to high-speed mobile Internet for 90% of the Ukrainian population within 2 years.

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