1st April 2023

Tele2 enters the Internet of Things segment

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Ekaterina Alexandrova

Tele2 and JSC GLONASS announced the start of a joint virtual operator. MVNO allows to expand the coverage area of ​​the communication network for the Russian emergency response system in case of accidents “ERA-GLONASS”.

The project is expected to help improve road safety in the country and improve the quality of monitoring of commercial vehicles and cargo. The new virtual operator began providing services on August 1.

Tele2 and JSC GLONASS agreed to create an MVNO in November 2019, after which they successfully carried out work on the integration of communication network infrastructures. The companies set up routing of emergency calls made from the car in automatic or manual mode, and tested the transmission of data about the scene of the accident and the vehicle to the ERA-GLONASS information system. The launch of MVNO on Tele2 infrastructure helped GLONASS to expand the largest cellular coverage area in the Russian Federation.

The project with JSC GLONASS was implemented according to the full MVNO model and became the first for Tele2 in the M2M segment.

In total, more than 20 virtual operators are currently working on the Tele2 network. The total number of their subscribers in 2019 increased by 115% to 3.75 million.

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