29th January 2023

Suitcase with handle: MediaWorkstations has released a “mobile” workstation with an AMD Ryzen Threadripper processor starting at $ 8K.

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MediaWorkstations is known as a manufacturer of specialized workstations that have an original look or are easy to carry. The company has released a new version of the a-XP workstation, which is a portable modification of the aX model, equipped with a high-performance AMD Ryzen Threadripper desktop processor.

The MediaWorkstations a-XP system can contain one of the Threadripper processors – from the entry-level 24-core model to the top-of-the-line AMD Threadripper 3990X, which includes 48 processing cores, supports 128 instruction threads and operates at frequencies up to 4.3 GHz. The configuration can also include up to 256 GB of DDR4 RAM at 2933 or 3200 MHz. At the same time, versions with a smaller amount of memory (32, 64 or 128 GB) operate at a higher frequency of 3200 MHz, and in the maximum configuration of 256 GB, memory with a frequency of 2933 MHz is used.

Suitcase with handle: MediaWorkstations has released a

The data storage subsystem is based on three drives. The default drive is a 256GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus PCIe SSD, which offers peak read speeds of up to 3500MB / s and writes up to 2300MB / s. In the base configuration, a discrete NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super graphics card is installed with one HDMI port, one DVI-D connector and three DisplayPort outputs. If necessary, you can install up to two NVIDIA Quadro RTX 8000 graphics cards with 48 GB of GDDR6 memory, four DisplayPort connectors and one Virtual link interface.

The body of the workstation is no less impressive. Considering that the used desktop-class components are quite large and energy-intensive, it was difficult to place them in the traditional laptop form factor. However, the a-XP is marketed as a portable solution that can be carried if needed. To realize this possibility, MediaWorkstations engineers made the novelty look like a suitcase with a handle. At the same time, one of the side panels is a folding keyboard with a numeric block, behind which the display is hidden – just like in a laptop. But behind the display is not a thin cover, like in ordinary laptops, but a full-fledged system unit with ventilation holes and an optical drive.

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Suitcase with handle: MediaWorkstations has released a

The MediaWorkstations a-XP mobile workstation, configured with an AMD Threadripper 3960X processor, 32 GB of RAM, one 256 GB Samsung 970 EVO drive and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 Super graphics card, is estimated at $ 7997. The top configuration is priced at $ 38,609.

Source: wccftech

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