29th May 2023

Sony publishes 360-degree reviews of DualSense controller and other accessories for PlayStation 5

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In announcing a new DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 game console, Sony limited itself to only showing a few photos of the device. It wasn’t until a few months later that Sony gave fans a closer look at what the gamepad would look like.

The company has updated the official PlayStation 5 accessories page, which now offers a detailed 3D overview of the DualSense controller, Pulse 3D wireless headset and more.


At the top and bottom of the gamepad, you can see the interface connectors.


Recall that the DualSense controller also received a number of new functions. Among these are the haptic feedback technology, which uses dual actuators instead of traditional motors; adaptive triggers that allow you to use different levels of force application; built-in microphone and headphone output; Create button to record and stream the most exciting moments of the game.


Sony also showcased the exterior of the Pulse 3D wireless headset and PlayStation 5 media remote control.


Source: wccftech

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