29th January 2023

Samsung managed to win first place in smartphone sales in Russia

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The Vedomosti edition, citing its own sources, reported that Samsung had managed to win first place in smartphone sales in Russia. In June, the share of the Korean manufacturer in the Russian market in physical terms was 26%, while the former leader, the Chinese brand Honor, fell back to second place, taking 23%.

Interestingly, Honor had exactly the same share in May, but Samsung controlled 21.1% of the market back then. But that’s something else: at the end of last month, the Koreans were able to capture almost a third of the Russian smartphone market – 30%, while Honor sales fell slightly, amounting to just over 20%.

According to a representative of the Svyaznoy mobile network of salons, Samsung’s leadership this summer is due to the launch of new products, including the flagship Galaxy S20 smartphone and affordable Galaxy A series gadgets. In addition, the Koreans have significantly increased marketing activity in our country.

By the way, this week Samsung officially introduced the new “autonomy monster”.

Source: Vedomosti

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