2nd April 2023

Russian Post will spend 1.4 billion rubles. to expand the network of checkpoints

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Ekaterina Alexandrova

The board of directors of the company decided to expand the network of post offices.

In 2019, the company deployed a network of 1000 partner points of order issuance and 1000 post offices.

Now the Post’s own network of post offices will be 5,000 units purchased under a leasing scheme. The company is ready to spend 1.4 billion rubles on this. The company plans to start installing the stamats by the end of 2020.

The company hopes that up to 90% of users of the “Sending Online” product, who previously used OPS services, will start using stamats.

The company claims that they used data analysis tools to select the placement points and took into account traffic, availability, and the location of competitors. The network can be deployed on the premises of the retailers “Magnit” and “Dixy”. Online platforms including AliExpress, Ozon, Wildberries are also potentially interested in a new partner.

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