29th May 2023

Russian computer manufacturer doubled production capacity

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The Russian developer and manufacturer of computer equipment – the company “Aquarius” – announced a twofold increase in production capacity. From now on, the company’s own plant in the city of Shuya, Ivanovo region will be able to produce up to 800,000 devices annually.

$ 5,000,000 was spent on expanding production. The money went to the commissioning of new conveyor belt shops as well as high-speed surface and pin-mount lines. With their help, electronic components are installed on a printed circuit board. The lines are equipped with Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI), allowing online control of critical assembly steps.

Currently, Aquarius produces desktop office PCs, workstations, monoblocks, laptops, tablets, thin clients, secure PCs, as well as server solutions and data storage systems. Representatives of the company said that in the period up to 2022 inclusive, it is planned to invest in the development of production another $ 10 million. And yesterday Prestigio presented the first graphene external batteries in Europe.

Source: Aquarius

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