29th May 2023

Russia is among the leaders in the availability of mobile Internet

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Analysts from Content Review shared the results of their own research of the mobile Internet market in different countries. Russia is among the leaders in terms of its availability. In our country, the average tariff with unlimited Internet traffic costs 887.5 rubles.

Unlimited mobile Internet is cheaper than in Russia only in Kazakhstan and Poland, where the average price of such a package is 729.3 and 842.3 rubles, respectively. For comparison, residents of China have to spend an average of 2010.8 rubles a month for unlimited mobile Internet.

True, if you look at the average cost per 1 GB of traffic, then Russia is no longer included in the top three or even the top five, but even here the sixth place can be called a quite decent result. In our country, a gigabyte of traffic costs an average of 31.6 rubles. The cheapest gigs were found in India – 7.8 rubles apiece. India is followed by Indonesia, Israel, Algeria and Kazakhstan.

By the way, another budget Chinese smartphone, Oppo A12, arrived in Russia yesterday.

Source: Content Review / pikist.com

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