29th January 2023

Rostec develops innovative optical fiber

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Ekaterina Alexandrova

Shvabe Holding of Rostec State Corporation is implementing a partnership project to develop new quartz optical fibers for airborne and industrial data transmission networks at gigabit speeds.

Vibration and pollution-resistant fiber can replace traditional cables in air, sea and rail communications.

Quartz fiber has an increased core diameter – 100 microns versus 50-62.5 microns for analogs. Due to this diameter, the cable provides high reliability of the data transmission network and is suitable for cable systems operated in aggressive conditions. The development supports the data transfer rate in typical transceivers at the level of 10 Gb / s and allows you to move to a new speed – for example, from 1 Gb / s to 10 Gb / s, without additional infrastructure adaptation.

The characteristics of the product make it possible to create new generation communication networks on its basis. For example, in industrial production, fiber can support the operation of the Internet of Things, “tactile Internet” and augmented reality systems. Prototypes of the product have successfully passed a series of tests, there is another stage of testing ahead and the creation of a demonstration stand.

The development will also be used as part of onboard cable data transmission systems for various purposes. We are talking about equipment that transfers information from navigation devices, telemetry systems, telemechanics, dispatching, and service traffic. The new fiber can be used to equip data transmission routes in aircraft, spacecraft, railway locomotives, passenger and freight trains, and the subway.

It is also planned to introduce the new product on water platforms – as part of sea and river vessels, including cargo ships and industrial bases, passenger liners, research and oil and gas production vessels, icebreakers.

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Optical fibers outperform wireless and copper cables, the developers note. Benefits include low weight, easy installation, immunity to electromagnetic interference, as well as intrinsic safety and significantly increased bandwidth. If we talk about 5G, where data transmission latency must be ultra-low, down to nanoseconds, the new product will solve the problem of time-frequency provision existing in the networks of the previous generation.

The startup is being implemented by one of the residents of the Skolkovo innovation center – the OptoFiber Lab company. The project is supported by the State Optical Institute. S.I. Vavilov, a member of Shvabe. The enterprise is responsible for the scientific and technical part of the project, participates in testing, manufactures and supplies components and prototypes of new products. The Volga Region State University of Telecommunications and Informatics (Samara) and the Canon Company (Ufa) are also partners.

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