2nd April 2023

Rocking horse, sound amplifier and figures of rare animals. Samsung Names Finalist Projects in TV Cardboard Reuse Contest

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In April, Samsung partnered with UK’s leading lifestyle magazine Dezeen to launch an international competition for ideas for reusing TV cardboard packaging. And now the organizers have summed up the first results by publishing a short list of contenders for the victory. The short list includes 15 projects. Among them are stylish storage structures, children’s toys, pieces of furniture and accessories.

The competition is part of a broader effort by Samsung Electronics to reduce environmental impact and promote the reuse of carton boxes. Earlier this year, Samsung’s new Eco-Package for TV, which can be easily converted into furniture and home accessories, won the CES 2020 Innovation Awards.

In total, the organizers received over 1,500 applications from 82 countries. Some of the most unusual examples of the use of cardboard parts are a rocking horse in the form of a horse, a sound amplifier in the form of a gramophone and figures of rare endangered animals. Below, in the gallery, we have collected the design projects that were included in the shortlist.


The final results of the competition will be announced in September, then the names of the winners will be announced. The total prize fund of Koknsourse is $ 20 thousand, and the winner will receive the main prize – $ 10 thousand.

Source: Samsung

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