29th May 2023

Officially: 11th Generation Intel Mobile CPUs (Tiger Lake-U) Announced August 13, Launched September 2

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There was no doubt that the announcement of 11th generation Intel mobile CPUs (Tiger Lake-U) will take place on September 2, and so there was not much, but now everything is finally clear. After updating the schedule, the corresponding events appeared in the calendar of the processor giant.

So, on August 13, the Updates From Our Chief Architect presentation will take place, at which the main speaker will be Raja Koduri, Chief Graphic Architect and Head of the newly minted Intel Architecture, Software and Graphics department. As usual, there are no details on the planned announcements, but at the end of last month Intel promised new details on the upcoming Xe graphics in three weeks.

Thus, we can say with 100% certainty that the announcement of a family of 10nm Tiger Lake-U mobile processors equipped with the Iris Xe Graphics graphics module will take place on August 13. It is possible that we can be told about future discrete Intel graphics cards based on the Xe graphics architecture.

Officially: 11th Generation Intel Mobile CPUs (Tiger Lake-U) Announced August 13, Launched September 2

A full-fledged announcement of Tiger Lake-U will take place on September 2. Intel announced this date last month, without going into details of what the event is specifically devoted to. But now, her schedule clearly lists the online Tiger Lake Virtual Launch Event, clearly pointing to the occasion.

In addition to the Gen12 GPU of the Xe family, akin to the Discrete Graphics 1 video adapter, Tiger Lake processors will receive x86 cores on the promising Willow Cove architecture (instead of Sunny Cove in the current generation) and will be produced using an improved 10 nm + process technology. The flagship will be a quad-core eight-thread Core i7-1185G7, clocked at 3.0 to 4.7 GHz, with an integrated GPU Iris Xe Graphics with 96 execution units. The updated laptop Acer Swift 5 will receive this processor among other competing models.

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Now everything indicates that within the 11th generation Intel series on September 2, only energy-efficient models will debut (Tiger Lake-U with a heat pack configurable within 15-28 W and 9-watt Tiger Lake-Y) replacing the 10th generation Core Ice Lake-U / Y. At the same time, 45-watt Tiger Lake-H models for high-performance laptops linger until 2021.

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