29th January 2023

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 (Ampere) series graphics cards may be announced on September 9, 20 and 24 GB versions are expected

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According to the resource GamersNexus, on September 9, NVIDIA intends to officially announce its new line of GeForce RTX 30 video cards with GPUs based on the Ampere architecture. Previous rumors called September 17 as the likely date for the announcement of the new series. Despite the fact that none of these dates have yet been officially confirmed, it is highly likely that the announcement will take place in September.

It can be expected that about a week before the official announcement date, NVIDIA will begin posting hints and preliminary materials related to upcoming products on social networks. The company has resorted to this practice earlier. So far, the specifications and prices of the devices have not been confirmed. However, some information still leaked to the network.

According to rumors, NVIDIA may release three variants of the video card at once based on the reference PG132 board. They will all use the same flagship NVIDIA GA102 GPU. As expected, these will be the GeForce RTX TITAN Ampere, RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3080 models. In addition, according to available information, this video chip will become the heart of another video card based on the PG133 board.

Citing an unnamed NVIDIA partner, Wccftech claims that the GeForce RTX 30 (Ampere) series will offer a 20GB graphics card. Although previously another source claimed that the PG132 boards will be equipped with 24, 11 and 10 GB memory. So there is clearly a contradiction between these sources regarding the middle version.

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ID cardReplaceable modelMemory capacity Memory bus Presentation datesPG132-102080 Ti24 GB384 bitsSecond half of September PG132-202080 Super20 GB320 bitsFirst half of OctoberPG132-302080 Super10 GB320 bitsMid of SeptemberPG142-02070 Super16GBNDNDPG142-102070V half of GBSuper2060PPH

We add, last month, another source claimed that the most powerful flagship video card with a GPU based on the Ampere architecture can get as much as 48 GB of memory. However, in that case it was about the professional solution Quadro RTX A8000, which is not intended for gaming computers.

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