2nd April 2023

LOGISTICS (16.06 – 15.07.2020)

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5Post and Joom have launched a joint service,
organizing a seamless process of delivering goods from a warehouse in China to the nearest of more than 8,500 pick-up points in Pyaterochka stores. Goods weighing up to 15 kg are accepted for delivery to checkpoints and up to 10 kg in points.

Wildberries has opened the delivery of orders to post offices
The first partner of the online store was Sberlogistics. Test deliveries and integration of IT systems have already been completed.

Svyaznoy and Delivery Club have launched express delivery of equipment
For Delivery Club, this is the first experience of working with partners in the format of an exclusively logistics service: Svyaznoy’s clients will place orders in the retailer’s online store or mobile application, and the retailer will be responsible only for their delivery, which will take from 30 minutes.

While the service can be used by residents of 12 districts of Moscow, but in the near future the whole city will connect to the service. The partners plan to expand the geography and connect to the logistics service of “Svyaznoy” in all cities where Delivery Club has its own logistics. Service couriers will deliver goods weighing up to 10 kg.

Specialists of “1C: First Bit” (central office in Voronezh)

developed and implemented an automated warehouse management system at the Quadrum company. Within three months, on the basis of 1C: ERP Enterprise Management, a system of targeted storage of products was deployed in 500 storage bins. The processing of incoming orders was accelerated by 50%, their quick assembly and preparation for shipment was organized. A prompt selection of vehicles for moving and delivering goods was provided. Loading and unloading machines takes 30-45 minutes.

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