1st April 2023

LG showed off its flexible and foldable displays

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During the SID (Society for Information Display) 2020 conference, LG showcased its new developments in flexible and foldable displays. Taking into account modern realities, the event was held in an online format.

As part of its Unlimited Design Freedom Zone business, LG offers a large 65-inch TV that flips out from the top of the main body when needed. When the TV is not needed, the screen folds inward again.

LG has also developed a more compact version of the roll-up display. The 12-inch panel can be used in car infotainment systems and desktop displays.

The company also showed off transparent touch screens. Such devices can be used in a wide range of solutions – from wardrobes to smart mirrors and windows.

Finally, another new feature LG revealed at SID 2020 is a 13.3-inch foldable OLED display that can be used to transform a large tablet into a laptop.

LG has not yet announced when commercial display-based products can be expected to hit the market.

Source: phonearena

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