29th January 2023

KoreaTimes: Samsung Interested In Purchasing ARM Part

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Details of a potential deal to sell the UK-based ARM processor architectures continue to surface online. The Korea Times reports that Samsung Electronics is considering a minority stake in the deal. In other words, Samsung is interested in getting a stake in ARM’s business.

As reported on multiple occasions, ARM’s current owner, telecom giant SoftBank, is considering various options. The latest publication states that SoftBank expects to generate at least $ 41 billion from the sale of ARM (SoftBank bought ARM in 2016 for $ 31 billion, which was the largest-ever IT deal in Europe) and a deal to sell the entire NVIDIA business, despite recent reports big progress seems extremely unlikely due to two key factors: firstly, even for NVIDIA with its financial capabilities, this is too large a sum, and secondly, there is almost no chance of getting approval from regulators. Considering all this, a much more likely development of events seems to be the option of selling ARM to a consortium of several companies.

Citing a “senior industry official” who requested anonymity, The Korea Times reported that Samsung Electronics is considering buying a 3-5% stake.

At the end of last year, Samsung decided to abandon the development of its own cores for mobile Exynos platforms and use conventional ARM cores under license. But that doesn’t exempt the Korean giant from paying royalties. The ARM stake will help Samsung cut related costs.

As noted by The Korea Times, a similar strategy has already proven effective with the Dutch semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML. In 2012, Samsung acquired 3% of ASML Holdings for $ 642 million, strengthening its partnership with the only supplier of equipment for EUV lithography.

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It remains to add that Samsung is currently developing a high-performance Exynos 1000 SoC with AMD RDNA graphics.

Source: The Korea Times

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