2nd April 2023

Intel working on 24-core “atomic” Grand Ridge processor: 7nm, PCIe 4.0 and DDR5

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Intel intends to implement “small” x86 cores in a wide range of its products, not limited to entry-level client processors. Such cores will be part of current and upcoming APUs. In addition, they will be used as part of the updated Atom line, which includes cost-effective server processors with a large number of cores, which are focused on use in micro-servers, network storages, network infrastructure devices and cellular base stations.

One of Intel’s leaked slides features an Atom processor from the Grand Ridge family, which includes 24 processing cores. It is the successor to the 24-core Atom P5962B (Snow Ridge) chip with Tremont cores. The device includes Gracemont computing cores with an increased number of instructions executed per clock cycle. These cores as “small” ones should first appear in chips based on the Alder Lake microarchitecture.

Intel is working on 24-core Atom Grand Ridge processor: 7nm process technology, PCIe 4.0 and DDR5 support

The Grand Ridge processor is expected to be manufactured using a 7nm process technology based on HLL + technology. 24 cores are grouped into 6 clusters of 4 cores each. Each cluster contains 4 MB of L2 cache (shared by 4 cores within the cluster). In addition, the chip contains L3 cache common to all clusters, but its size has not been specified. An SCF (scalable coherent fabric) connection is used to transfer data between individual chip components.

In addition to clusters with computing cores, the Grand Ridge processor also integrates a dual-channel DDR5 RAM controller and a PCI-Express 4.0 complex with 16 lanes support. Additionally, there are blocks to speed up the processing of network tasks and USB and GPIO connections.

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Given Intel’s claims of delaying the rollout of its 7nm manufacturing process, the Grand Ridge processors can only be expected to ship in 2022 or even later.

Source: techpowerup

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