2nd April 2023

Instagram launched its TikTok response

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The popular American social network Instagram has launched its answer to the most hit application of recent years – the Chinese TikTok. This “answer” is implemented inside Instagram itself as a new format of “stories” called Reels.

Here you can record 15-second videos, edit them with a selection of effects and add popular music and other sounds. In general, everything is the same as in TikTok. Reels has been tested for several months in Brazil, and now the new feature has become available to residents of 50 more countries around the world, including the USA, Germany, France, Japan, Great Britain and Australia. Russia has not yet entered this list.

At the same time, Russians will still be able to watch Reels content, but only in silent mode, since in our country Instagram does not have the rights to use music. An important difference between the new format and Instagram Stories is that Reels videos can be published not only in the feed, but also in a new dedicated section on the Explore tab.

And yesterday Samsung introduced the Galaxy Buds Live wireless bean headphones.

Source: Instagram

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