2nd April 2023

In Ukraine, they want to introduce official email addresses for businesses and citizens, Ukrainians will be able to receive them along with a passport

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The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VRU) has registered a new bill №3860. It provides for the introduction of an official e-mail address for legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, lawyers, arbitration managers and other categories of persons. As conceived by the authors, this draft law will improve the process of registration of legal entities and create favorable conditions for doing business in Ukraine. In addition, changes in legislation will simplify communication between citizens, business and the state.

The official email address will consist of an identifier, an “@” mark, and a domain name (except for domain names ending in “.ru”). The identifier for legal entities is proposed to determine the code according to the USR, for individual entrepreneurs – the registration number of the taxpayer card. Such e-mail will be registered in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs, Public Formations and in the Unified State Demographic Register.

Additionally, it is noted that companies, institutions, societies and individual entrepreneurs will automatically receive official e-mail addresses during registration or when changing information in the USR. When issuing a passport of a citizen of Ukraine for the first time, exchanging it or voluntarily, the citizen will be assigned an official e-mail address.

Letters and notices sent to the official email address will be considered as sent and officially served. They will not require additional documentary confirmation of their direction, etc.

For legal entities, self-employed persons and other subjects of legal relations, it is proposed to introduce a procedure for registering an official e-mail, which will be used in business communication, during correspondence with courts, government agencies, etc. A phased transition of communications to an electronic form is assumed, but if the official e-mail address is not registered and is absent in the USR, the current form of sending letters by mail will be retained.

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The introduction of such a concept is also proposed for individuals. The ability to use official e-mail will be assigned to citizens upon receipt of a passport or changes in passport data. However, individuals will receive an official email address only if they wish. Citizens will be able to receive an official e-mail address through the single portal of public services “Diya”

Source: Mintsifry

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