2nd April 2023

In September, the first in Eastern Europe Miromax cinema based on Samsung Onyx LED technology will open in Kiev

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In September, the first in Eastern Europe Miromax cinema based on Samsung Onyx LED technology will open in Kiev

The first in Eastern Europe Miromax cinema based on Samsung Onyx (Cinema LED) technology will open in Kiev. The cinema will be located in the Aladdin shopping and entertainment center on Poznyaki, the project partner is Samsung, the opening is scheduled for September 2020.

At the moment, the shopping and entertainment center “Aladdin” is carrying out a large-scale renovation, after which viewers will have access to a cinema with an area of ​​2300 sq. m with 5 halls with Samsung Onyx cinema technology.

The image in such cinemas is not displayed using a projector, but directly onto an LED screen, which provides higher contrast, brightness and image quality.

Such a cinema allows you to install more rows in the hall, since there is no need to allocate space for a room with a projector. The screen is assembled from individual modules with dimensions of 640 × 900 mm, which allows you to create screens of any required size.


“We understand that the entertainment segment has become extremely important for any mall, especially the cinema, which is an important anchor in Aladdin. Therefore, we took the choice of a new partner very seriously. We announced a tender, which was attended by representatives of all Ukrainian film chains. When choosing, we took into account a set of criteria: the concept of a cinema, the availability of innovative technologies, the price category and commercial terms. SEC Aladdin is located next to the metro in one of the largest residential areas of Kiev, so our main audience is young people and families with children.

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We liked Miromax due to its bold decision in the project: automated cash registers, ultramodern design, organization of an additional fifth hall and a number of other features that we and our partners do not want to disclose yet, and we will definitely inform about this closer to the opening “- said Natalya Kravets, commercial director Dragon Capital Property Management.

“We have chosen the shopping and entertainment center Aladdin to start a new network and introduce new film technology, since Poznyaki is the most densely populated area of ​​the city, where young and active spectators live, who are not indifferent to both cinema and modern technologies. In addition to new cinema technology, we are introducing new service standards.

At the same time, we plan to keep ticket prices within the usual limits for regular spectators – from 80 to 200 UAH. We are currently carrying out renovations and, together with the landlord, are preparing a marketing strategy for the grand opening of the cinema. We also plan to open with increased security measures in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. We are preparing to surprise and delight our visitors at the end of September this year, ”added Anatoly Bazilchuk, manager of the new Miromax cinema.

Recall that the Cabinet of Ministers authorized the operation of cinemas in Ukraine from July 2, 2020 in compliance with quarantine measures and social distancing standards (occupancy no more than 50%, etc.). At the same time, not all networks are actually working at the moment, and loud premieres in Ukrainian cinemas are expected closer to September.

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Source: RAU

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