29th May 2023

In Garmin’s Footsteps: Canon Affected by Hacker Attack and Must Pay Ransom

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Anna Savelieva

The criminals hacked the company’s servers and demand to transfer money in cryptocurrency within a week. Otherwise, encrypted data, photos and videos will be posted on the network.

According to Bleeping Сomputer, on July 30, the Maze group attacked Canon Corporation, as a result of which many internal services were disrupted, including email, Microsoft Teams, the website, etc. The image.canon cloud storage also experienced crashes, but hackers claim that this is not related to the theft of about 10 GB of user data and has nothing to do with them.

On August 4, an appeal appeared on the image.canon website, which states that the corporation has discovered a “storage problem” and is conducting an investigation, during which the mobile application and page are temporarily suspended. The odd thing is that Canon reports data loss, but “there was no image leakage.”

Lost files cannot be downloaded or uploaded at this time, but thumbnails can be viewed on the website. On the pages of the company itself, for example usa.canon.com, there is a stub. At the same time, Canon employees were notified that the corporation is experiencing “extensive system problems.”


Maze declined to provide further details about the attack, evidence, the number of encrypted devices, or even the ransom amount. The message, which the hackers left after the hack, says the need to transfer money within seven days:


Recall that their ransomware is targeted specifically at businesses and works as follows: human-controlled software enters the network and begins to spread unnoticed until it gains access to an administrator account or a Windows system domain controller. Along the way, Maze Ransomware steals unencrypted files and backups and uploads them to the attackers’ server. As soon as the criminals manage to find something of value or gain access, the Maze Ransomware encrypts all the devices it gets on, and then you can demand a ransom.

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During these spring and summer, the group managed to spoil the life of LG by stealing 40 GB of source code from it, Xerox, having gotten more than 100 GB, the VT San Antonio Aerospace, an aerospace service provider – here the scale reached 1.5 TB, and other companies. For all of these incidents, Maze claimed responsibility.

Garmin, whose servers are believed to have been hacked by Evil Corp. recently received a ransom demand.



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