2nd April 2023

IDC: global tablet sales in 2Q2020 grew by 18.6%

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Olga Blinkova

IDC has calculated that the market size of tablets on our planet in the second quarter of 2020 grew by 18.6% in quantitative terms, reaching 38.6 million pieces. One of the reasons for the increase was the coronavirus pandemic, which closed people to their homes, requiring more devices for work, play and remote study.

As for individual vendors, the first place in the reporting quarter was occupied by Apple, which delivered 12.4 million units, its market share reached 32.2%. The company showed a slight increase in sales, a year ago Apple sold 12.3 million tablets (+ 1.3%). In second place is Samsung, which immediately gained + 42.5% over the reporting period, its sales volume amounted to 7 million units, and its market share was 18.1%. At the same time, a year ago Samsung sold much fewer tablets – only 4.9 million. On the bronze stage of the pedestal – Huawei, which sold 4.8 million tablets, its market share was 12.4% in the second quarter. A year ago, Huawei sold just 2.4 million devices of this type. Thus, the Chinese vendor increased sales by a whopping 52%.

Amazon (3.6 million units, 9.3% market share) and Lenovo (2.8 million devices, 7.3% market share in the reporting quarter) took the fourth and fifth tier.

It is noted that among Apple tablets the bestseller was the iPad model with a diagonal of 10.2 inches – mainly due to the relatively affordable price and the ability to connect a keyboard.

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