1st April 2023

How to send geolocation to WhatsApp on Android

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Despite the fact that I myself use Telegram as my main messenger, it is almost impossible to ignore the popularity of WhatsApp. Today, if you need to contact someone, almost certainly you will be asked to write in WhatsApp. Not because it is especially convenient or functional – not at all, this messenger does not even have a message editing tool – but because everyone uses it. It is very similar to the Sberbank card, which everyone has, but which no one ever pays. But in fairness, I note that WhatsApp is functionally quite good and even allows you to conveniently share geolocation.

Sharing geolocation is very easy on WhatsApp

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Sharing geolocation on WhatsApp can be necessary in a variety of life situations. Most often this is required when someone with whom you are going to meet cannot find you, and you have been waiting for an hour for his appearance. Then you just open a chat in WhatsApp, send your location to the interlocutor and wait, hoping that he can read the map and does not suffer from topographic cretinism. Because otherwise you will have to look for it yourself, and no amount of geolocation and explanations about exactly where you need to turn will help here.

How to send geodata via WhatsApp

To send geolocation to WhatsApp, open a chat with the desired interlocutor; How to send geolocation to WhatsApp on Android

Sharing geolocation will not work without special permission

Click on the paperclip icon to the right of the message dialing line; How to send geolocation to WhatsApp on Android

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You can share not only the exact geolocation, but also the nearest places where you are

In the window that opens, click “Location” and allow WhatsApp to access your location; How to send geolocation to WhatsApp on Android

Geolocation from WhatsApp can be opened in maps and taxi applications

Select “Send your location” or some place where it is convenient for you to meet.

What to do if WhatsApp stopped working

It is convenient that you can share not the exact location, but one of the nearest infrastructure facilities. This way, for example, you can set a meeting place if you are still on the road. Just choose one of the options offered, put a full stop on it and send it to your interlocutor. He will receive a message in the form of a small window with a map, clicking on which will open it either in the maps application that he has installed, or in one of the taxi service applications. This is especially cool because the destination address will be applied automatically and the price of the trip will be immediately visible.

Geolocation in Watsap

How to send geolocation to WhatsApp on Android

Be careful and do not share your geolocation with just anyone

For those who have nothing to hide at all, there is an opportunity to add the current location to the status so that everyone who comes to your profile can see it. Such a permanent check-in. However, I’m not sure if it’s that safe. After all, you never know who might have your phone number saved and who has you saved in your WhatsApp contact list. It is one thing if they are familiar, and completely different if they are attackers who want to extract some data. They can use your location information to implement fraudulent schemes and even threats.

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However, it should be borne in mind that WhatsApp location determination does not depend on the application itself, but on the accuracy of the GPS tracker built into the smartphone, cellular data or Wi-Fi to which it is connected. Therefore, do not be surprised if the point you specified is sent to the interlocutor with a slight offset. Most often this is not critical, but sometimes it can cause problems with searches, for example, if you are standing on opposite sides of a small building or blind fence and do not see each other physically.

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