29th May 2023

How is it not Russian hackers? Hacking suspects arrested for Musk, Gates, Obama and other celebrities

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As many of you will remember, in the middle of last month, the popular social network Twitter took place perhaps the most high-profile hack in the history of the Internet. In terms of its scale, of course, it was not close to the “leaks” of millions of accounts, but here the richest and most famous people of our time were hacked, including Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla; former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates; the current head of the world’s largest online store Amazon.com Jeff Bezos; former US President Barack Obama; the current contender for this position is Joe Biden and others.

Also, the official accounts of the world’s largest companies such as Apple and Uber were hacked. On their behalf, the hackers posted on Twitter, ingenious in their simplicity, messages like: “Send me $ 1,000 now, and I’ll send you back twice as much!” Below was the address of the bitcoin wallet where the funds had to be transferred, and a note that the incredibly generous “promotion” would only last half an hour.

And now the first information about the investigation of this incident has become known. Surprisingly, this time there were no accusations against Russian hackers! The main organizer and “mastermind” of the largest in the history of Twitter hacking of accounts, the police consider a certain seventeen-year-old resident of Tampa, Florida. In addition, two of his alleged accomplices were detained: 22-year-old Nima “Rolex” Fasely from Orlando and 19-year-old Mason “Chaewon” Sheppard from Great Britain. These are the young and the early ones! The suspects face up to 20 years in prison. Meanwhile, Russia was among the leaders in the availability of mobile Internet.

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Source: The Verge / flickr.com

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