1st April 2023

Honda recalls 608,000 vehicles due to software bugs

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Honda has decided to recall 608,000 of its vehicles due to malfunctioning software. It may, among other things, cause the backup camera to malfunction, malfunction or reset the driver display.

The recall will begin on September 23rd. It has two known issues. The first recall will affect certain 2018-2020 Honda Odyssey, Honda Passport (2019-2020) and Honda Pilot (2019-2021) vehicles that have a “malfunctioning dashboard control software module”. Such “incorrect” modules can lead to problems such as the lack of display of critical information (speed, oil pressure in the engine, gearbox selector position) until the vehicle is turned off and on again. In addition, the display can randomly reboot, says the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Malfunctioning software can also prevent the display of information from the backup camera.

Honda will notify vehicle owners affected by the issue. They will then need to contact the dealer for a software update. The over-the-air software update function is not supported on these vehicles.

In addition, about 500 thousand Honda Odyssey cars of the 2019-2020 model range, Passport (2019-2020) and Pilot (2019-2021) are subject to additional recall due to “incorrect programming of the central network software”. In this case, failures are manifested in delays or complete absence of images from the rear-view camera, as well as in the operation of the car’s audio system. This glitch can be corrected by downloading a software update over the air or by going to your dealer.

This is not the first time a Honda vehicle has been recalled due to software bugs affecting the rear view camera system. In 2018, the company recalled about 232 thousand Accord cars for this reason.

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Source: The Verge

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