2nd April 2023

Hey, shake it off! Xiaomi makes a real gaming smartphone that you want to buy

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Gaming smartphones, despite the relative popularity that they enjoy today, from the very beginning were conceived as another marketing half-talk, designed to spur stagnant sales out of the blue. Not that it was impossible to play on them at all, but from truly gaming devices they only had a bright coloring, but the hardware filling was often even weaker than that of modern flagships, at a fairly close price. But did someone need to change this niche?

Now gaming smartphones are fake, but Xiaomi will change everything

Xiaomi CEO named three of his favorite smartphones

Xiaomi has decided to launch a real gaming smartphone on the market. It will be the flagship Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus, which the company is currently developing. Unlike the fake gaming machines on sale, this one will attract not by its combat color, but by its advanced features, oriented, in fact, to games. No, the hardware he will receive is quite standard – a Snapdragon 865+ processor and 8/12 GB of RAM – but his software will be truly royal.

What is Game Turbo

Hey, shake it off! Xiaomi makes a real gaming smartphone that you want to buy

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus will allow you to customize the graphics as on a computer

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus will receive a unique Game Turbo software engine developed by Qualcomm. It will allow you to adjust graphics in games in the same way as on computers, configuring anti-aliasing parameters, texture rendering, anisotropic filtering levels, and even independently control the frequency of the graphics coprocessor. This is generally an unprecedented add-on that has never been seen on smartphones before. And, meanwhile, it can be very useful when you need to manually balance the picture quality and performance.

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Why you shouldn’t rush to update Xiaomi smartphones

Obviously, the default graphics settings will not be available in all games. To do this, the developers will have to specially adapt them to the features of the Game Turbo mode, so that the changes made really have an impact on the gameplay, and not work idle. For this reason, it is definitely not worth counting on the fact that immediately after the official release of Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus all games will be able to obey its configurator, although several popular games may be able to boast compatibility with Game Turbo already at the start.

Graphics settings in games

Despite the fact that Xiaomi does not plan to equip the upcoming smartphone with outstanding hardware, relying on a more or less standard setup, the possibility of software adjustment can really become a game changer, changing the alignment of the gaming smartphone market. Still, getting somewhere a custom processor for a mobile device is almost impossible today, but the ability to manually adjust the graphics, doing everything exactly as you need it, will definitely appeal to many.

Hey, shake it off! Xiaomi makes a real gaming smartphone that you want to buy

The graphics settings in the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus firmware are really extensive. It remains to wait for the games that will support them

Practice shows that optimization really works wonders, regardless of the operating system. Take, for example, Fortnite’s 60fps mode, which, although it debuted a long time ago, is still found on the vast minority of smartphones. It is indicative that many sub-flagships of past years can boast of its support, but modern flagships do not, simply because the developers from the Epic Games studio simply did not undertake to adapt the game for them.

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MIUI 12 will allow you to control Xiaomi smartphones by touching the back cover

If Xiaomi does manage to suggest the graphics settings on the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus, I might even change my own opinion about gaming smartphones. After all, now it is only marketing and an attractive appearance, which, according to the intention of the manufacturers, advanced e-sportsmen should buy. The only pity is that they forget that gamers in this category on smartphones, as a rule, do not play, preferring more suitable devices for their achievements. But for fans of mobile gaming who do not claim to be the laurels of professionals, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Plus may be suitable.

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