2nd April 2023

Google wants to make Android and Chromebooks alternative to iPhone and Mac

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What is Apple’s ecosystem, which is usually talked about with aspiration? In fact, there is nothing sacred about it. These are just a few devices that can simply be paired with each other. For example, the Apple Watch can unlock the Mac, and the iPhone allows you to continue editing text that you previously worked with on the Mac. Google has never had anything like it, although the range of branded devices of the company was and remains quite wide. However, the search giant decided it was time to follow Apple’s example and build a full-fledged ecosystem.

Google decided to follow the path of Apple and make a normal ecosystem

How to make a link with a QR code in Chrome on Android

Google developers expect to deepen the mutual integration of Android and Chrome OS. This will allow devices based on these operating systems to work in pairs, similar to the iPhone and Mac. In addition to the Nearby Sharing data transfer technology, which is already available on Android and Chrome OS, they will receive support for additional features aimed at expanding the compatibility of Android and Chrome OS.

Merge Android and Chromebook

These innovations are:

Google wants to make Android and Chromebooks alternative to iPhone and Mac

Getting a Chromebook and Android smartphone to work together is easy, and Google intends to do so

Universal notifications Application sharing Ability to continue working from one device to another

The latest innovation is a complete counterpart to Apple’s Continuity tool. This is thanks to him that the iPhone and Mac have a common clipboard, and they allow the user to continue work on the smartphone, started on the computer, and vice versa. Thus, it is possible to easily switch between devices, depending on which one is more convenient for you to work with at the moment. After all, you can start writing text on a computer while sitting in the office, and typesetting – already on a smartphone on the way home. All in all, a great solution for fans of true multitasking.

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Google explains how it makes Chrome for Android faster and more economical

However, this is where the innovations end, which is rather strange. Despite the fact that the fact of their appearance, albeit in the future, is already great in itself, the same Microsoft managed to integrate Android with Windows much deeper. Yes, for this the company had to release a special application, but who cares if it provides the user with a much wider range of possibilities when working with a smartphone and computer. Here are just the key features of Microsoft’s Your Phone app:

How to link laptop and smartphone

Google wants to make Android and Chromebooks alternative to iPhone and Mac

Microsoft’s Your Phone App Expands Android and Windows More Than Google Can Do

General notification center; Receiving messages with the ability to respond to them; Receiving incoming calls and making outgoing calls; Shared clipboard with the ability to copy and paste; Shared storage for photos and videos.

See how cool it is? Meanwhile, Microsoft has nothing to do with Android. She just wanted Windows to be able to do a little more than before, and thereby make the experience of using its operating system easier for Android users. So why, in this case, Google does not want to do something like this, and if so, why not? After all, it is so logical to teach Chrome OS and Android to work together, than to increase the potential of both platforms and provoke users to buy them in pairs.

Google made Android backups convenient and free

Would I buy a laptop on Chrome OS if it was paired with Android how does an iPhone work with a Mac? I don’t know, most likely not. Still, Chromebooks are a little off my topic. However, there are a lot of users who buy them even now, despite the minimal set of functions. These are schoolchildren, students, and journalists, who often need a small and inexpensive laptop with Google Docs support. They would definitely be delighted with Continuity coming to Chrome OS. And there, who knows, maybe I would have tasted this fruit.

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