2nd April 2023

Google unveils Pixel 4a. The most unique and cheapest Pixel ever

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I really love all kinds of rumors and leaks. But not because of the insiders that they contain, but out of sports interest. After the event that they predicted occurs in fact, I undertake to compare what came true and what did not. In most cases, of course, nothing converges. However, from time to time, coincidences still come across, and then you start to think, willy-nilly, is the author of the plum really such an informed person or did he just hit the sky with his finger? For example, as is the case with the Pixel 4a.

I wonder why the Pixel 4a is so unique? I’ll explain now

Why are Google Pixel smartphones such a slag?

Even though I didn’t believe the leak that predicted the Pixel 4a’s August 3rd release from the start, it did. Tonight Google officially rolled out a new “pixel”, which is good not only because it is, in fact, new, but also because of its – I’m not afraid of this word – uniqueness. But first, let’s dwell on its characteristics. In the end, many were wondering what kind of hardware Google will complete the new product.

Pixel 4a specifications

Google unveils Pixel 4a. The most unique and cheapest Pixel ever

Nobody expected, but Google took and rolled out the Pixel 4a for $ 350

Display: 5.81 inches, Full HD + Processor: Snapdragon 730G Memory: 6/64, 6/128 GB Battery: 3140 mAh Camera: dual – 8 and 12 MP

As you can see, the characteristics of the novelty are quite passable. In any case, modern state employees from Xiaomi and Honor can find even more rocking devices. For example, batteries with less than 4000 mAh are no longer accepted today, and 5.8-inch displays are also not. I’m not talking about the dual camera, which is simply considered bad manners in the industry. Well, was it really impossible to insert a third peephole? Just to be.

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What we value in smartphones and what Google Pixel owners are not ready to give up

But the Pixel 4a doesn’t need all of this, it feels good without these bells and whistles. After all, they love “pixels” not for their hardware specifications, but for their convenience, support and, of course, photographic capabilities. For example, here are a couple of shots taken in sunlight and dark conditions:

Google unveils Pixel 4a. The most unique and cheapest Pixel ever

This is how the Pixel 4a shoots in low light

Google unveils Pixel 4a. The most unique and cheapest Pixel ever

And this is a daytime shot from the same Pixel 4a

Should you buy the Pixel 4a

Externally, the device looks pretty good. Google did not philosophize slyly and applied almost all the developments that it had left from the Pixel 4a. This allows you to unmistakably discern in the new product belonging to the “pixel” line of smartphones. At least, if you look at it from behind – the front panel is too typical. But, in fairness, I note that this does not make the device worse: I really like the front camera lens located in the upper left corner. From there, it is least striking, remaining almost unnoticed.

Remember I said above that the Pixel 4a is a unique smartphone? Let’s take a brief look at the unique features of the new product that make it completely different from all the others. Moreover, there are really a lot of them:

This is the first Pixel in the history of the line with such a low price – it costs only $ 350 versus $ 399 for the Pixel 3a; This is the first Pixel to come with 6GB of RAM, although even the classic Pixel 4a only has 4GB of RAM This is the first Pixel in the history of the line, which came out without a pair, in a single version. Yes, Pixel 4a XL is not in the lineup; The Pixel 4a will be the first 5G “pixel” – a compatible version will be released in the fall and will likely run on Android 11.

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What Google Pixel 5 needs to be for me to buy

In my opinion, Google has turned out to be a really cool smartphone. This happened because the company listened to its customers, who made it clear that it was time to do something popular, and advanced photo capabilities, super-stable support and a special position in Google’s account are not at all a reason to raise the price to the skies. … After all, the modern consumer is not ready to buy budget smartphones for $ 500, and Samsung has understood this. It’s a good thing that the same thing has finally reached Google.

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