29th May 2023

Google is really trying to make phones better. Can you help her

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Google is one of those companies that can, if necessary, not only secretly study public opinion, but also ask specific questions to its fans. Now she once again proves this and makes the fans understand that she is not indifferent to their opinion. Perhaps this is just a game for the audience, or maybe a real desire to show them that their opinion is important to her. Interestingly, she does this only with the most dedicated users, and not with everyone. Reading the comments on our site, you notice that many of you may fit this definition. So you too have a chance to influence Google’s device strategy.

Google often comes up with activities that fans appreciate.

How Google improves products and services

This time, Google turned to fans of Google Pixel phones for help. This was done in order to make the devices more convenient and delight fans of the brand. Although, in fairness, they are already very loyal to the company.

Google calls those it calls “Super Pixel Fans” and sends them polls to gather information and analyze future devices. She is also interested in opinions about software that can be improved so that existing gadgets become better, nicer, simpler, but more functional. In short, so that they just like more.

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This is not surprising, since Google, despite its weight in the Android world, still falls far short of other companies. Google Pixel sales are barely in the top ten worldwide, and in quantitative terms, they barely exceed 10 million a year. In comparison, Oppo, the fifth-best seller, sells over 100 million handsets, while leaders like Huawei, Samsung, and Apple have ranged from 200 million to 300 million at their best.

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Google is really trying to make phones better. Can you help her

This company sells about 10 times more smartphones than Google.

Google poll

The survey that Google invites you to participate in may not necessarily help in the development of future products, but the company itself is interested in this. So far, she just legitimately collects customer data and shows that she cares about them.

An email sent to “super fans” asks them to help “make Pixel phones more useful”. Google, goes to meet people who should be useful to it, as the most loyal core of users. It is not yet clear on what principle the survey takes place and who receives letters from the company, but most likely these are the users who bought several devices of the Pixel line.

Google wants to make Android and Chromebooks alternative to iPhone and Mac

The survey did not reveal any details about the new product, but it can be assumed that the company wants to put the finishing touches on the Google Pixel 5, which is likely already in its final stages of development. Although, we must first release the Google Pixel 4a, which, albeit with a delay, but we are expecting early next week.

Google is really trying to make phones better. Can you help her

It won’t be long to wait.

Interestingly, in the survey, the company is not interested in which Pixel devices you have or which devices you would like to buy. She simply asks for the opinion of each user she contacts. In addition to this, she also asks if users are interested in attending the virtual event.

Google event for brand fans

This event should occur in about three weeks, namely August 17 and August 18. Judging by the date and the nature of the questions, this should not hint at any kind of presentation. Most likely, it will be something like communication between real fans and company representatives. Given their number, it is unlikely that everyone will get the floor, but nothing prevents him from asking a question in the chat and hoping that it will be answered. And at the same time, you can just attend the event and feel that you are important to the company.

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Such an event cannot be very significant from the point of view of product promotion. It will not be decisive for the fans either – they are unlikely to become even more loyal. But for the company it is not so difficult, but it will give some feedback and everyone will be pleased with such attention.

Google is really trying to make phones better. Can you help her

The Android community can do a lot. Even influence Google.

Google sometimes does some kind of activity that grabs the attention of fans and gives them small rewards. For example, as is the case with the Google “Rewards” program on Android. As part of it, users were given small cash bonuses on Google Play. A trifle, but nice.

Google bonuses and privileges

It looks like this time the super fans who take part in the survey will be eligible for some bonuses from the company, including discounts on Pixel products (including phones) and priority access to new features and testing programs.

Are you a fan of Google? Ready to take part in product development? Tell us in our Telegram chat how you feel about this.

In the end, the survey may take some time, but if somehow it comes to you, take the time to do it. This way you will justify the trust of the company, and at the same time get a chance to have something in return.

You can also skip the wait for the poll by mail and simply answer it by clicking on this link. Tell us in our Telegram chat if you are ready to take part in it, and if not, then why.

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