29th January 2023

Facebook has joined in criticizing Apple. App Store rules cut key features from Facebook Gaming

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Recently, only the lazy has not criticized Apple and its rules in the App Store against the background of the antitrust proceedings in the EU. And now with the next portion of criticism against the Cupertin giant, the company decided to speak … Facebook.

Facebook’s claim is related to the Facebook Gaming app. This is a proprietary Facebook application, designed primarily for viewing streams of passing video games, similar to Twitch on iOS and Android. However, it also features minigames from the Instant Games platform. And so they had to be cut from the iOS version of the application in order to get Apple approval for its placement in the App Store. According to Facebook, Apple refused to list the Facebook Gaming app on the App Store on numerous occasions, and did so only after the developers removed support for minigames.

“Unfortunately, we had to completely remove all gaming features to get Apple approval for our Facebook Gaming app. Thus, iOS users cannot fully use the application like owners of Android devices.

We remain committed to building communities for the 380 million people who play games on Facebook every month, whether or not Apple allows it in a standalone app. ”

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO

According to Facebook, refusing to place, Apple referred to clause 4.7, and tirelessly reiterated that the main purpose of Facebook Gaming is not watching broadcasts, but playing games. Apple remained unconvinced even when the management of the social network shared the statistics of Facebook Gaming with Android, confirming that 95% of all user activity falls on broadcasts.

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At the recent WWDC, Apple announced that it is launching a special appeal mechanism for just such situations. Facebook says they tried to convince Apple, but in the end they failed.

In a conversation with The Verge, the head of Facebook Gaming Vivek Sharma admitted that developers have to carefully hide Instant Games minigames in the main applications of Facebook and Messenger. He described the current App Store policy as “a headache for the entire industry, which harms gamers and developers alike by limiting innovative developments like cloud gaming on mobile devices.”

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney also joined in the criticism after Apple said Stadia and xCloud were breaking App Store rules.

Given the growing discontent from leading tech giants, it is incredibly interesting how the current EU antitrust investigation against Apple will end up.

Source: The Verge

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