2nd April 2023

Europeans fell in love with Xiaomi and fell out of love with Huawei

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Analysts from Canalys have shared the results of their own research of the European smartphone market for the second quarter of this year. The leadership in the Old World was retained by the Korean company Samsung, which accounts for almost a third of gadget sales – 30%.

At the same time, Samsung also showed the largest decline in sales among the leading brands in the European market – a negative 31%. The second place was taken by the American company Apple, which showed an impressive increase in sales of 42% and took 21% of the market. Next comes the Chinese Xiaomi, which showed the most impressive dynamics of popularity growth in the second quarter of this year, increasing sales by 65% ​​at once compared to the same period last year. The brand’s products account for 17% of the market.

Xiaomi showed such an impressive result mainly due to ousting from the market another representative of China – Huawei. The leading Chinese electronics manufacturer also took 17%, but was ranked lower with a negative trend of 17%. Finnish HMD closes the top five with 2% of the market. Meanwhile, the Russian prices of the new flagships of Samsung – Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra were announced.

Source: Canalys

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