2nd April 2023

Easier to agree: Google will torture you with push notifications if you don’t use Chrome

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Many of those who have tried working with normal software appreciate it for something specific. Under normal software, everyone understands something of their own, but I almost value unobtrusiveness in it most of all. I don’t like it when the app keeps sending me some kind of “try this, try this” notifications. Personally, it somehow repels me. Judging by the latest findings from the developers, very soon I will be annoyed by Google Chrome, which can also start constantly sending notifications and offering to do what it needs, not me. I don’t know how you will react to this, but the essence of the “batch” is this …

Google will do everything to ensure that you use Chrome

New feature in Google Chrome

If you’ve ever used a Windows computer, you’ve probably noticed how intrusive it is. He has overly aggressive marketing tactics. Microsoft sometimes just gets bored with its desire to promote its own browser.

The company automatically adds Edge to your taskbar after some updates, and even sends you pop-ups if you somehow dare not yet ditch Internet Explorer and upgrade to its relatively new Microsoft Edge browser. Now, apparently, Google has decided to go the same way and offer us not just a browser for Android, to which everyone is accustomed, but a browser that literally will not let us forget about itself. In the near future, Chrome may start sending you push notifications aimed at encouraging you to use that particular browser. At least if you haven’t used it for a long time.

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Proof of this intention of the company can be considered what was found at once in three places in the code of the Google Chrome browser. All of them are registered under the “re-engagement notice” clause. They will appear in the notification shade when the company notices that you are not using the application and you have a different browser installed. Chrome will “validate you” whenever you open a custom Chrome tab in any other application like Gmail or Twitter. At the same time, it will measure how much time has passed since you opened the browser before.

Easier to agree: Google will torture you with push notifications if you don't use Chrome

Many people prefer third-party browsers

What Google Chrome notifications mean

At the moment, we can talk about three types of notifications that the cunning developers have prepared for you in their browser:

“Read today’s news.
Articles on your interests on Chrome. ”

Translation – Read today’s news.
Articles about what interests you in Chrome.

“Save up to 60% data.
Use Lite mode on Google Chrome. ”

Translation – Save up to 60% of your data.
Use simplified mode in Google Chrome.

“Google recommends Chrome.
Save up to 60% data, read today’s news. ”

Translation – Google recommends Chrome.
Save up to 60% of your data by reading the latest news.

The company is already working on adding a measure to chrome: // flags, although the proposed “flag” is not yet available in Chrome:

Enable re-engagement notifications
Enables Chrome to use the in-product help system to decide when to show re-engagement notifications.

# reengagement-notification

Translation – Enable re-enable notifications
Let Chrome use the built-in help system to decide when to show login prompt notifications.

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If Google continues this route, and the company has no reason to abandon it, we will most likely see such a feature in the near future.

This will probably all appear in Chrome 86, which will be released at the very beginning of October. Then Chrome can really torment with notifications and it will be easier to agree than to argue and close them every time.

It can be assumed that notifications can still be closed, and this would be true in relation to the user. Although, it is most likely that even if Google gives us such a right, it will deprive us of it in the very near future. Otherwise, she is simply not interested in introducing such a function, because everyone will turn it off, and she will not receive an increase in the number of users, an already popular browser. As a result, all the talk about the company imposing its browser on the manufacturers will be irrelevant. It will simply torture you with “push notifications” and you will use it.

Mute or cancel Google Chrome notifications

Easier to agree: Google will torture you with push notifications if you don't use Chrome

Notifications are a real Android problem

Since the notices are still in the works, it is also possible that Google will abandon this plan, if only to mitigate the effects of antitrust investigations. This can happen if analysts realize that the measures are not effective enough. Android smartphones already come with its browser and other services (besides Huawei) that very stubbornly replace everything else.

At the moment, Google already occupies 60% of the browser market. This is more than an impressive figure. Sending spam in the form of constant notifications and reminders to open Google Chrome can be very frustrating for users. Of course, they will not run away on iOS, but they can definitely find a way to turn off notifications and be offended by the company’s actions.

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After all, this is not something that Google should focus on. It would be better to think about how to make the rest of the notifications work better and not drain the battery so quickly. Do you agree? Let’s discuss it in our Telegram chat.

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