2nd April 2023

Dropped out of school and earned $ 5 million in TikTok in a year: top Tiktokers become millionaires

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Forbes has published a list of the highest paid TikTokers. The first line was taken by Addison Ray Easterling (19 years old): in a year she managed to earn about $ 5 million in the fashionable social network. The girl danced well, a little over a year ago she began to shoot videos and upload them to TikTok. By the fall of 2019, she had already gained 1 million fans: they began to recognize her at school, ask to be photographed when they met.

Easterling decided to quit school and devote herself entirely to “video content production.” Things started to go: sponsorship contracts appeared, first with an online women’s clothing store, then with giants of the scale Reebok. Now the top tiktoker has its own line of cosmetics and other products under its own brand. In June 2020, her annual income was about $ 5 million.

The second line with the result of $ 4 million is occupied by Charli D’Amelio. At the start of her TikTok career, the girl was not even 16.

In June-2019, her dance videos “went well” to the young audience – Charlie began to gain popularity, she was invited first to dance with a celebrity, then to a TV show. Now 16, the owner of her own clothing brand, Charli, and a dollar millionaire. By the way, her sister Dixie is in the third place in the hit parade in terms of earnings: $ 2.9 million.

With such income, it is quite possible to afford the top-end smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note20 or Note20 Ultra, which were presented just the other day.

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