1st April 2023

Detroit: Become Human has sold over 5 million copies. Before the release of the PC version, sales were 3.2 million copies

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French development studio Quantic Dream has shared new sales figures for its interactive adventure game Detroit: Become Human – the number of copies sold has exceeded 5 million. Notably, the project has reached a new milestone a month after its release on Steam along with Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls …

Prior to the release on Steam, all three of the aforementioned projects were temporary Epic Games Store exclusives (Heavy Rain was released on June 24, Beyond: Two Souls on July 22, and Detroit: Become Human on December 12, 2019). If we talk specifically about Detroit: Become Human, then it was originally exclusive to the PlayStation 4 (the game was released in May 2018).

How many copies are available on the Epic Games Store, Steam and PS4, Quantic Dream does not specify. But it is known that in October 2019, before the release of the PC version, sales of the then exclusive Sony PS4 exceeded 3 million copies.

Along with the release of Detroit: Become Human on Steam, Quantic Dream introduced a free Twitch Detroit: Community Play expansion so streamers and their viewers can make decisions together as they play through the game. Since the launch of Community Play, more than 500 streamers have used it, and the total number of viewers’ votes has exceeded 1.5 million.

Source: Wccftech

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